We’re Green Nation: a renewable energy company.

Today our business focus is primarily on solar.

This is because we believe that over the next 30 years, solar will become the most important source of electricity in the world, and we are one of the companies that will make that happen.

How we Create, Manage and Grow Renewable Energy


We develop solar power assets by working with owners of land and buildings to gain all the permissions needed including planning, easements and connections to the grid. We then organise the finance and employ skilled and experienced contractors to build the system to the highest standards.


We are asset managers for fifteen solar farms and hundreds of rooftop installations developed by us and by third parties. We generate multiple megawatt hours of electricity every day, monitoring output, ensuring any maintenance and repair issues are dealt with, as well as selling on the energy generated at a good price.


A growing number of individuals and financial institutions are putting money into solar power. We raise money to build and finance our solar assets, working with investors to make sure they secure a healthy return. That includes organising everything from electricity sales to Companies House filings and investor exits.

Our Sectors

Large Solar Rooftops

Roof-mounted solar on schools, colleges and businesses. Typically, the building owner pays nothing for the installation and maintenance of the system and receives electricity at a heavily discounted price. We are busy creating new rooftop systems and buying existing assets on behalf of investors.

Solar Farms

Ground-mounted solar installations on marginal farmland or brownfield. These help us to generate enough power for entire towns, as well as providing valuable additional income for farmers and landowners and havens for wildlife.

Solar for Homes

Roof-mounted solar on houses. Most are installed at no cost to the home owners who receive free electricity. We are actively looking for opportunities to create new schemes and buy existing systems.

Latest News

Goodbye 2020

The office may be a bit quiet, but our team continues to be fully operational.

Ensuring Green Nation could operate business as usual during a pandemic was not something we had planned to do when we started the year! However, we quickly transitioned to remote working a couple of weeks before the UK’s national lockdown announcement in March 2020.

Since then, we have only made occasional use of our office, but look forward to spending more time there later in 2021.

COVID restrictions have made travel to our managed sites a little more difficult, and new development projects have progressed more slowly than we wanted.

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Inflation Linked Bond Offer for Green Nation Community Solar Farm over 95% full

Mendip Renewables Ltd has launched a £1.8 million bond offer which is being promoted by leading ethical bank Triodos. Mendip Renewables is a community benefit society that owns the Whitelake Solar Farm in Somerset, which is managed by Green Nation. The bond offers 5% interest inflation-linked, and can be bought on the Triodos Investment crowdfunding platform https://triodoscrowdfunding.co.uk/. Bonds are eligible to be held in a Triodos Innovative Finance ISA which means that interest can be received tax free. Retained profits generated by the solar farm will be donated by Mendip Renewables to good causes in Somerset, with a focus on supporting young people.

Payment of interest and capital is not guaranteed and is dependent on the continued successful operation of Mendip Renewables.

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Green Nation is recruiting for a Solar Asset Manager

Renewable energy specialist Green Nation is looking for an Asset Manager to help look after its growing portfolio of solar farms and rooftop systems. The successful candidate will have experience of managing solar assets, including performance monitoring, working with technical subcontractors and liaison with landlords. Based near Bath and Bristol.

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Green Nation acquires solar installation at the Eden Project

Green Nation recently negotiated the purchase of a 50,000 kWh roof-top, solar installation from the Eden Project in Cornwall. Green Nation originally helped to set up the original project in 2011 and took ownership of the site recently. We look forward to managing the systems for years to come and to a good working relationship with our landlord, The Eden Project.

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