Why Solar Power?

Solar can be a great long-term investment when systems are built and managed by people who care about quality and reliability, and whom you can trust to deliver a return on the investment made. Solar technology is a mature source of energy. Variation in solar irradiation between years and decades is modest, and income usually comes from fixed-price sales contracts and (in some cases) government-backed subsidy schemes. Of course, like any business, solar carries some operational risks, and it is our commitment and responsibility to manage systems closely to meet promises to investors and communities.

Why Green Nation?

Green Nation currently manages five solar farms and hundreds of rooftop systems, both large and small, on behalf of investors. We maintain low overheads and aim to provide returns that are ahead of the average of comparable offers.

We ensure that each system is built well and then managed for the maximum level of output. We handle relationships with landowners and building owners, organise repairs when needed, collect revenues and file accounts with Companies House. Crucially, we monitor output constantly, comparing results to the potential output expected from the solar irradiation recorded by systems.

Our aim is to meet our promises to the investors who fund the installations and the owners of the buildings and farmland, who both expect to receive a return. Results to date have been very good, and we intend to keep them that way. We managed our first partial exit in 2015, and achieved a price for the investor well above that originally anticipated for the project. More exits will follow in 2016. New investment opportunities in solar projects managed by Green Nation will appear regularly – please follow our News and Offers, use our contacts us page or to directly discuss current opportunities contact us on investors@greennation.co.uk..

Frequently Asked Questions